When Freelancers Do It All

As I have mentioned, we are now in the freelance economy. Freelancers have a world of both opportunities and challenges, including the opportunity to build a career crafted to one’s strengths and availability.

For example, grant writers can integrate evaluation measurement, programming, or graphic design into their services. IT consultants can offer to build and design a website.

More Freelancers = A Buyer’s Market

The catch is that more and more freelancers are diversifying their services, and what was once considered a financial advantage for both parties, is now a buyer’s market for businesses and organizations.

Still, many freelancers enjoy the challenge of expanding their services and skill-sets to adapt to market trends. Others, like me, also want to both diversify their offerings as well as explore creative endeavors that will not immediately bear fruit.

Expanded Offerings

In terms of diversification, for me that means expanding my offerings beyond grant writing and fundraising consulting to nonprofit clients. I now provide marketing assistance and web design for the same organizations in collaboration with another freelancer.

New Horizons: “Candy’s Block” Cartoons

For me, expanding my outlet for creative expression involves cartooning! With published cartoons and cartoon illustration classes under my belt, my new endeavor will not immediately bear fruit but may open doors in the future. Social media is a way to connect with those interested in our passions and open new doors, whether that be cartoons, painting, or even the paper planning community. Check out my group information on the sidebar, and find me on Instagram!

I challenge both freelancers and businesses to think creatively about expanding opportunities to provide cross-disciplinary consulting and work that will complement that of an organization’s employees.

Here’s to new horizons!





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