About Me

Photo of Candice Block Lombardi

My Offerings

I write and edit grant-winning proposals, technology market analysis, and engaging feature articles that will have a strong impact on your reader.

As an IT trend analyst, I write engaging articles about enterprise software, hardware, middleware, and security companies and products around the world.

Through my grant writing services, I will help your nonprofit submit stellar proposals that demonstrate how your services have a vital, measurable impact on your target population. I have written successful proposals to federal, state, local, corporate, and foundation funders in fields of arts, health, and services for underserved communities.

As a feature article writer, I employ hands-on research, interviews, and quotes to write compelling pieces on topics such as art, business, community events, creativity, faith, travel, sports, and more. By focusing on strong content as well as HTML tags and keywords, my articles are designed for organic search engine optimization (SEO).

Service Description

IT Trend Analysis

Whether it’s a brief blog to inform users of the strengths and limitations of Microsoft’s latest consumer operating system or an analysis of New Zealand’s telecommunications regulatory environment, I will write and tailor professional, engaging articles and research to your target audience.

For nearly 10 years as an editor and freelance writer, I have written IT briefs, market trend analysis, company and product profiles on topics such as data security breaches, streaming media, telecom mergers and break-ups, mobile products and applications, developer tools, and enterprise software and middleware.

Grant Writing

Writing powerful grant proposals is a key element of a nonprofit’s fundraising and capacity building strategy. I work with both start-up and established organizations to map out goals and objectives, target prospective funders, develop grant narrative that vividly describe how your services meet vital needs for your target population, and submit proposals. Whether you need a writer for one or two projects or a long-term contractor, I will assess and address the needs of your organization to further and fulfill your mission.

My grantwriting services include program analysis and planning, logic modeling, data collection, program budgets, grant narrative writing, and submissions. I will meet with you to agree upon timelines and milestones in order to comfortably submit grants prior to deadlines. These services help to build an organization’s program fundraising and planning strategies that last far beyond the initial proposal.

I have worked with both international and community-based organizations on single nonprofit and collaborative grants that have helped to strengthen existing programs and launch new ones that met critical community needs.

My grant writing clients have included nonprofits that empower low-income and immigrant communities and global arts organizations. Successful proposals were accepted by four federal agencies; state health and arts agencies; community foundations; Philadelphia, PA and Camden County, New Jersey youth networks; corporate healthcare foundations; and private and family foundations.

Successful grant topics have included arts education, arts publications, cancer education and screening, capacity building, chronic disease management, citizenship and voter education, afterschool programs and summer programs, ending bullying and violence against women, English literacy, services to underserved populations, and student awards and exhibitions.

Feature Article Writing

I will write compelling articles that speak directly to your website or publication’s “ideal reader” while being sensitive to tone, style, and length.

My writing includes extensive hands-on research, quotes, and interviews from industry experts and relevant sources–making them relevant for readers seeking to learn and be entertained as well as for SEO in order to organically improve search results. For website blogs and articles, I can include HTML tags and keywords to make the website accessible and attractive to both search engines and wide audiences.

My feature articles cover local and regional happenings including community sports, festivals, and cultural venues. Topics also include art; business and management; crafts; creativity; how-to; faith; inspiration; newsletters; politics; religion; resume-writing; shopping; sports including basketball, football, track and field, and tennis; and travel. I have written for several newspapers and blogs.


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